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Virtuality Club has 2 main directions of its activity:

1) The first network of entertainment and gaming clubs of virtual reality;

2) Virtual reality devices store;

The aim of our company is to make virtual reality technology popular and affordable to each and every person, independently of age or hobbies.


3D virtual reality is not a fantasy fiction. This is the reality of our days and it actively penetrates our ordinary life. Virtuality Club provides entertainment services using VR-technologies, offers VR-glasses and provides VR-attractions for rent as well as develops programmes and applications. We are open for innovative technologies, thats why we do not set high prices for our products.

By contacting us you are guaranteed to receive high quality of the provided services, up-to-date products at reasonable prices, information support for developed software. Apply for your own 3D-world right now. Come and discover new 3D world right now!


Virtuality Club is the first official network of VR-clubs in Moscow, Russia. Doors of our clubs are open for customers, who can find themselves in the wonderful exciting world of modern technologies where a fairy tale comes to life through the innovative equipment.

The accumulated experience, skills, a full set of the corresponding technologies enable us to offer our customers the following services:

  • • Rental a club for the event. A corporate event at an ordinary café or restaurant is a vestige of yesterday. Invite guests and employees of your company to our club where they can learn all the technologies of the future.
  • • Rent our club for birthday or children’s parties. We offer you a VR-attraction that will capture your children’s attention for long hours. Children will remember this party thanks to the range of unforgettable emotions by travelling to another world. The price of immersion in virtual reality is comparable with the price of conducting corporate events at a café or restaurant.
  • • VR-games. This entertainment will amaze most children and adults. In our club you will find a wide range of VR-games for any choice.


Virtuality Club is closely engaged in the sale of VR-devices to individuals and individual entrepreneurs as well as companies.

We cooperate with the world’s manufactures of VR-headsets; therefore, we offer our clients innovative products of high quality.

Our company offers a lot of devices of virtual and augmented reality for you and your business. Few of the most popular products are:

  • • VR-attraction from HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1 и Playstation VR. Our company is the manufacturer of the best VR-attractions and developer of software for the automation of attractions. You can buy VR-attractions in our store at reasonable comfortable prices.
  • • HTC Vive. You can buy these VR-glasses in Virtuality Club. A complete immersion by using modern controllers in the world of virtual entertainment is achieved. Sensors accurately determine an individual’s position and immediately react to every person’s move and step.
  • • Oculus Rift CV1. This is a new generation device which has a number of advantages over its competitors. It has an impressive viewing angle (more than 100) and headphones with a well-thought 3D sound system which enables to completely get into the fantastic 3D world. The weight of the device is not felt due to special fasteners which redistribute the workload.
  • • Playstation VR. This device does not require a powerful computer. It is sufficient to use the Sony PS4 or Sony PS4 PRO and the camera from this manufacturer. VR-glasses allow you to watch with a review of 100 degrees. The delay time of the image on the OLED-screen with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels is an impressive 18 milliseconds. A highly-sensitive accelerometer and a gyroscope operating at a frequency of 1000 Hz track movement of each part of the body.
  • • VR-glasses VR Box 2.0. This headset is compatible with the most portable devices. It has quality development of virtual reality for a mobile phone with Android и iOS. It is enough to install the device in the VR-glasses in and enjoy using of brand new applications.

Virtual reality is the prospect of good profit. Opportunities of this area in our country have not been fully researched and the niche is not occupied. This gives our businessmen additional benefits when investing in the field of brand new technology.

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